Explore the Gate of Trust

Now more than ever people are thirsting for ways to strengthen their trust in Hashem.

Join Rabbi Korf every Tuesday at 8:00 AM  a new daily text-based class in the classic Shaar HaBitachon from Chovos HaLevavos.


 Shaar Habitachon (Gate of Trust) from Chovot Halevavot (Duties of the Heart)—the classical and timeless work authored by the eleventh-century Spanish scholar Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Pekuda. Published by Kehot Publication Society in partnership with Chayenu, this exciting new book features the Hebrew text with a new English translation, classical commentary, a fresh infusion of Chasidic and mystical teachings, and "bottom line" takeaways to help guide the reader. The world seems to be in turmoil, with so much at stake and so many things operating beyond our control. Aside from global unease, our day-to-day lives run at a frenetic pace; there is so much to accomplish, so much to worry about, and so much could "go wrong." How do we remain calm, relaxed, and focused at the most trying moments? How do we enter into a state of tranquility and live from a place of worry-free existence? Gate of Trust takes us on a transformational journey towards genuine trust, guiding us to a state of tranquil reliance on the all-powerful and compassionate G‑d. Studying this vital work shows us how to confront and even transform unpredictable and challenging events by exercising and implementing the messages of genuine unyielding trust in G‑d.

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