School Supply List

The following is a basic list that is necessary for all children:     

*   1 reusable water bottle labeled with your child's name

*   Sunscreen labeled with your child's name

*   1 box sandwich size and 1 box gallon size Ziploc bag s

*   1 pack of paper lunch bags

*   2 boxes of tissues                                                          

*   2 rolls of pennies for tzedakah                                 

*   2 boxes of disposable gloves

*   2 containers of disinfectant wipes

*   1 package of washable markers

*  A package of plastic forks and spoons (at least 100 of each),

*   A photo of your child and a family photo                          

*   2 complete changes of clothing:  shirt, pants, skirt, underwear and socks (in a labeled plastic bag) Please write your child’s name on ALL clothing items with a permanent marker.  The school cannot be responsible for unlabeled clothing.

*   1 package of diapers (labeled), if necessary

*   1 package of wipes (labeled), if necessary

*   Extended napping only:  small pillow (no larger than 14" x 20"), crib sheet, and small blanket (labeled).  All napping items must fit in your child's cubby or nap basket. They will be sent home on Fridays to be washed over the weekend.

Other than these items, please leave extra toys and snacks AT HOME.  It is best if these items are left at home and not taken away before entrance to the school, as this may cause your child to start the day in an unsettled way.