Sunday Night, May 16
7:31 pm Holiday Candle Lighting 
8:30 pm Evening Services
11:30 pm All Night Learning
Monday, May 17
9:45 am Morning Services
11:00 am Children Service & program including: 
Games * Activities * Stories
11:15 am Reading of the Ten Commandments

12:30 pm

Dairy Kiddush Lunch

7:15 pm

Second Torah reading (if you missed the morning reading,) followed by an Ice Cream Party

7:45 pm Evening Services
8:00 pm Communal Dinner RSVP
8:32 pm Light Candles from a pre-existing flame                    
Tuesday, May 18
9:45 am Morning Services
11:15 am YIZKOR Memorial Services
12:30 pm Kiddush Lunch Following Services
8:48 pm Holiday Ends